CHHATTISGARH LETTER - Western Regional Committee


NCTE WRC has no Role/Responsibility for non-reciept of letters by the institutions.

Letters Of 169th Meeting

To Code Uploaded On Action
Sant Dyaneshwar Mahavidyalaya WRCAPP1318 30-08-2012 View
Disha College of Management WRCAPP623 29-08-2012 View
Disha College of Science and Commerce WRCAPP624 29-08-2012 View
Berendra Deepak Shiksha Mahavidyalaya WRCAPP1459 27-08-2012 View
Spectrum College Of Education, Chhattisgarh WRCAPP1552 27-08-2012 View
Central College Of Edu, Chhattisgarh WRCAPP1630 27-08-2012 View
C.I.T B.Ed, Chhattisgarh WRCAPP887 27-08-2012 View
Diet, Korba WRCAPP1443 27-08-2012 View
Harishankar College of Education WRCAPP1281 27-08-2012 View
DIET, Koriya WRCAPP1442 27-08-2012 View
Maharishi University of Management WRCAPP1487 27-08-2012 View
Dev Sanskriti College of Education WRCAPP1685 27-08-2012 View
Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Institute WRCAPP1856 27-08-2012 View
Global Education Institute WRCAPP1862 27-08-2012 View
Kruti Institute of Teacher Education WRCAPP1937 27-08-2012 View
Maa Education College WRCAPP1537 27-08-2012 View