Withdrawal Orders - Western Regional Committee



NCTE WRC has no Role/Responsibility for non-reciept of letters/orders by the institutions. The letters/orders recieved back undelivered have been posted here for information/downloading by the institutions.


To Code Date of Uploading Letter/Order Type Action
Swami Sahajanand Bharati College of Education, Ahmednagar,M.H. WRC/OAPW000561/113098 23-02-2018 Withdrawal Order View
Smt. Surajba College of Education,Mumbai,M.H. WRC/OAPW00531/113073 23-02-2018 Withdrawal Order View
Shri Ramkrishna College of Education,Parbhani,M.H. WRC/APW03585/122654 09-02-2018 Withdrawal Order View
Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose College of Physical Education,M.H. WRC/APW0317/114117 09-02-2018 Withdrawal Order View
B.G Patel College of Education,Gondia,M.H. WRC/OAPW03504/123414 25-01-2018 Withdrawal Order View
Late Manormabai Deshmukh College of Physical Education Amravati,M.H. WRC/APW0173/114051 25-01-2018 Withdrawal Order View
Minds College of Special Education Sewri,Mumbai,M.H. WRC/APW0031/114003 25-01-2018 Withdrawal Order View
Yasoda Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's Dilip College of Physical Education, Solapur,M.H. WRC/APW0301/114112 25-01-2018 Withdrawal Order View
Amravati Sharirik Shikshan Mahavidyalaya Masod, Amravati,M.H. WRC/APW0075/114013 25-01-2018 Withdrawal Order View
Sri Ma Trusts Sri Ma College of Education,Thane,M.H. WRC/APW0377/124044 25-01-2018 Withdrawal Order View
Nandurbar Taluka Vidhayak Samitis College Of Physical Education Nandurbar,M.H. WRC/APW0019/114001 25-01-2018 Withdrawal Order View
Shri Chh Shivaji College of Physical Education,Solapur,M.H. WRC/APW0326/114122 25-01-2018 Withdrawal Order View
Citizen Society's Nagarjun College of Physical Education,Nagpur,M.H. WRC/APW0258/114088 25-01-2018 Withdrawal Order View
Geeta Shikshan Prasarak Mandal,Nagpur,M.H. WRC/OAPW02746/123335 23-01-2018 Withdrawal Order View
S.P.B.Ed College,Nagpur,M.H. WRC/OAPW05751/123418 23-01-2018 Withdrawal Order View
Ikeda College Of Education,Nashik,M.H. WRC/APW04789/123586 23-01-2018 Withdrawal Order View
Late Anil Ramdas Kambe B.Ed College,Akola,M.H. WRC/OAPW06882/123861 23-01-2018 Withdrawal Order View
Amruta Vaishnavi Education Welfare Trust, College of Education,Nasik,M.H. WRC/OAPW027225/123320 23-01-2018 Withdrawal Order View
Anandgram Drushi Vikas Mandal, Osmanabad,M.H. WRC/OAPW05202/123642 23-01-2018 Withdrawal Order View
Nanasaheb Dr. Uttamrao Mahajan Shikshan Shastra Mahavidyalaya ,M.H. WRC/OAPW05363/123660 23-01-2018 Withdrawal Order View
St. Marys Convent Junior College,Thane,M.H. WRC/OAPW02822/123367 23-01-2018 Withdrawal Order View
Khemaji Naik College of Education,Chandrapur,M.H. WRC/OAPW01358/123218 23-01-2018 Withdrawal Order View
Adiwasi Deomogara Education Society Pathrai,M.H. WRC/OAPW02740/123341 23-01-2018 Withdrawal Order View
Adhyapak Mahavidyalaya,M.H. WRC/OAPW0470/113053 23-01-2018 Withdrawal Order View
Adarsha Adhyapak Mahavidyalaya,Washim,M.H. WRC/OAPW02835/123373 23-01-2018 Withdrawal Order View
Shri Bhairavnath Nisarg Mandals Karagaon,Parbhani,M.H. WRC/OAPW02797/123360 23-01-2018 Withdrawal Order View
Azad College of Education,Satara,M.H. WRC/OAPW0425/113029 23-01-2018 Withdrawal Order View
B.K Patil College of Physical Education Malkapur ,M.H. WRC/APW0214/114063 23-01-2018 Withdrawal Order View
Ramji College of Physical Education Amalner Jalgaon,M.H. WRC/APW0132/114007 23-01-2018 Withdrawal Order View
Late Narayan Sing Uikey Sharirik Shikshan Mahavidyalaya,Chimur,M.H. WRC/OAPW0319_114119 18-12-2017 Withdrawal Order View
Vidharbha Sharirik Shikshan Mahavidyalaya, M.H. WRC/OAPW0293 18-12-2017 Withdrawal Order View
Majalgaon Vikas Pratishtan,Majalgaon Mahila D.Ed College, M.H. WRC/APW03159 18-12-2017 Withdrawal Order View
Jaydaya Shikshan Prasarak Mandal Samode, M.H. WRC/APW05678 18-12-2017 Withdrawal Order View
Siddasarwati D.Ed College, Koyna Nagar Latur, M.H. WRC/APW03683 18-12-2017 Withdrawal Order View
Ramesh Dhawad Sharirik Shikshan Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur WRC/APW02814/ 124050 7-9-2017 Withdrawal Order View
Durgamata Bahu-Uddeshiya Krida And Shaikshanik Sanstha, Yavatmal WRC/APW01248/ 124040 7-9-2017 Withdrawal Order View
Late Madhavrao Tikde Sharirik Shikshan Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur WRC/APW0693/ 124022 7-9-2017 Withdrawal Order View
Dnyandeep Shikshan Prasarak Mandals Babasaheb Paranjape College of Physical Lokhandi Sawargaon, Beed WRC/APW0872/ 114125 7-9-2017 Withdrawal Order View
D.K.T. Education Societys, Krida Maharshi Maegnath Nageshwar College of Physical Education, Kolhapur WRC/APW0327/ 114123 7-9-2017 Withdrawal Order View
Shetkari Shikshan Prasarak Mandals College of Physical Education, Beed WRC/APW0303/ 114113 7-9-2017 Withdrawal Order View
Kalyan Shikshan Sanstha's Bhagwan Shri Chakradhar Swami College Od Physical Education, Chandrapur WRC/APW0256/ 114086 7-9-2017 Withdrawal Order View
Jai Mahakali Shikshan Sansthas Ranibai Agnihotri Sharirik Shikshan Mahavidyalaya, Wardha WRC/APW0242/ 114079 7-9-2017 Withdrawal Order View
Dadasaheb Divekar College of Physical Education, Akola WRC/APW0169/ 114049 7-9-2017 Withdrawal Order View
Dnyanopasak Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's College of Physical Education, Parabhani WRC/APW0096/ 114024 7-9-2017 Withdrawal Order View
Nath Pai College, Sindhudurg APW04290/123162 /APW03035/122485 18-7-2017 Withdrawn Order View